Interested to develop and apply AI in Quantitative Bioimaging?

The TU Delft Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative has launched the Intelligent and Reliable Imaging Systems Laboratory (IRIS) as an effort to realize new approaches to quantitative bioimaging. IRIS forms a joint research unit between our lab and the labs of David Maresca and Carlas Smith.

Within IRIS, 4 PhD students will jointly work on developing and applying AI-based image processing methods to tackle challenging imaging problems in electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM), ultrasound localization microscopy and superresolution fluorescence microscopy. TU Delft is an great place for method development in life science imaging and IRIS steps into a long tradition in microscopy instrumentation and imaging physics.

Are you interested in quantitative problems in bioimaging, have an aptitude for numerical analysis/simulation and a genuine interest in artificial intelligence and the (molecular) life sciences? Then please consider to apply.

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