Schematic illustration of the LocScale map sharpening
Schematic illustration of the LocScale map sharpening

LocScale is a reference-based local amplitude scaling tool using prior model information to improve contrast of cryo-EM density maps. It is particularly useful in the common case of resolution variation in the 3D reconstruction and it can be used as an alternative to other commonly applied map sharpening methods.

LocScale has been developed at EMBL jointly with Carsten Sachse.

LocScale is freely available under the BSD licence. For more information as well as download/installation instructions please visit the Gitlab repository at EMBL. Tutorial files and a detailed description of use and best practices are available on the Wiki pages.

If LocScale is useful for your research please cite the original reference.

Jakobi et al., eLife 6:e27131 (2017) doi: 10.7554/eLife.27131