Andreas loves proteins that sit in membranes.
Andreas loves proteins that sit in membranes.

Andreas is a professor emeritus at the University of Basel (2010) and at Delft University of Technology (2017).

Andreas studied physics and mathematics in Bern and at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. In 1974 he joined the Biozentrum Basel and after a stint in industry became Professor for Structural Biology in 1986. Andreas, together with Ueli Aebi established the Maurice E. Mueller Institute for Structural Biology at the Biozentrum Basel. After becoming professor emeritus in 2010, Andreas joined the Case Western Reserve University, to build up the Cleveland Center for Membrane and Structural Biology and then joined at the Bionanoscience Department at the Kavli Intitute for Nanoscience Delft to spearhead the cryo-EM activities there. He officially retired in December 2017, but remains a honorary member and very welcome guest in our group.

If he is not putting our GPU cluster to the test, you can often find Andreas Engel in the Swiss mountains where he loves to ski, climb, and sketch.