Lennart Paganin

PhD student at the Department of Bionanoscience

I am Lennart Pagani, a PhD student in the research group of Arjen Jakobi at the TU Delft. I obtained my BSc and MSc in molecular biochemistry at Utrecht University. During my studies I became particularly interested in the developing field of cryo-electron tomography, an elegant method through which molecular architectures can be studied within their cellular context. Following two exciting internships in the laboratories of Tzviya Zeev-Ben-Mordehai and Tanmay Bharat, I am currently pursuing my PhD in the research group of Arjen Jakobi for more structural biology -awesomeness. I am focusing on a family of eukaryotic host factors and their unique roles in cell-autonomous antibacterial defense. Through structural biology techniques I aim to shed light on this molecular process and its during bacterial infection.

Outside of science I like to see friends, play board games and boulder. I am also a nature enthusiast (I have too many plants) and a coffee lover.