PhD student IRIS

I started my PhD in the Electron Nanoscopy lab in November 2020 after graduating from TU Delft with an M.Sc. in Nanobiology. As a student I became interested in image analysis and using a wide range of tools to extract useful information from imaging data. As a master student I did my thesis project in the lab of Bernd Rieger, where I worked on the development of software that combines many images from super-resolution light microscopy into a 3-dimensional reconstruction. Although new to light microscopy, this idea has been widely implemented in electron microscopy, which is how I got to meet Arjen. He offered me a position to work on cryo-EM, where I am interested in modelling and understanding structural heterogeneity in cryo-EM maps. I am also part of the IRIS lab in collaboration with David Maresca and Carlas Smith, where we aim to develop artificial intelligence methods to improve imaging and image processing for a variety of imaging modalities.