Current students

Amanda van der Sijs

Nanobiology student

I am a Nanobiology student doing my master thesis at Jakobi lab and Brouns lab. I will study recombinant phages with using cryo-EM and (hopefully!) resolve a high-resolution 3D structure of the phages to gain more insight into phage evolution. My project will consist of the optimization of the sample preparation, finding the best imaging technique and the image analysis of the microscopy data.



Albert Wieland

Nanobiology student (April - August 2018)

I am third year student in the Nanobiology program and I am currently doing my BEP in the Electron Nanoscopy group at the Bionanoscience department. In this project I will be working on faciltiating the interpretability of single particle cryo-EM maps by further developing local sharpening as implemented in the LocScale method.


Cheng Jin

Life Science and Technology student (April - August 2018)

I am currently in my third year of the Life Science & Technology program. For my BEP, I joined the Electron Nanoscopy group at the Kavli Institute in Delft. For this project, I will focus on the isolation and characterization of proteins involved in the cellular response against viral or bacterial attacks.