Wiel Evers

(Cryo-)EM facility manager at the Department of Bionanoscience

I did my masters and PhD at Utrecht University in the field of material science. I mostly focussed on the synthesis and characterization of nano-colloidal crystals and their self-assembled lattice using electron miscroscopy. After discovering several potentially interesting new (super-)lattices I moved to Delft as a Postdoc in the Chemical Engineering and Physics departments to study their optical and electronic properties using time-resolved non-contact methods (transient absorbance, time-resolved THz spectroscopy) and contacted methods such as transistor device fabrication and electrochemistry. Since 2015 I am responsible for the TEM of Chemical Engineering and in 2017 I joined the cryo-EM group at the Department of Bionanoscience to help set up the cryo-microscopes.