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ERASMUS+ Visitor (September 2018 - March 2019)

I have just graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the Università di Pisa in Italy. For my thesis project I joined Gianpiero Garau’s Biostructures lab at the Center for Nanotechnology Innovation@Nest in Pisa. I tried to crystallize a protein, Aurora kinase A, involved in glioblastome cancer processes in complex with new synthetic coumpounds with inhibitory action. Within this period I discovered the world of structural biology, in particular of X-Ray diffraction crystallography, and I decided that I would have to go deeper, to learn more about the infinitely small world. This is the reason for which now I have joined the Electron Nanoscopy Lab to do an Erasmus internship for six months.

In my spare time I like hiking, watching old movies and hanging around in naturalistic places with my PentaxK1000.

Aurora is now a laboratory technician at Lab analysis.